Maria Manzil School (Delhi catholic Archdiocese)

School of Delhi Archdiocese


Catholic Mission Nuh, Harayana

Est. 1998

Priest in charge    Fr Deepak Soreng

In order to reach the good news to this part of India late arch bishop Alan, the then Arch Bishop of Delhi invited the Trivandram Arch diocese to open a mission at Nuh. As it was the plan of God   the Joint venture of Trivandram – Delhi Arch Diocese was born at Nuh, a place enriched with natural beauty and historical monuments, in the month of April 1998, with the coming of Frs. Gerald D’Silva and Jose G. from Trivandrum diocese, Along with Srs. Suma and Leela SCJM (Delhi province). They stayed in a rented house surveying the nearby villages and making contacts with the people around.

With the magnificent Aravalli Mountain ranges in the back drop; it was a perfect place for the birth of a joint venture of two arch dioceses. With a population approximately around seven lakh, Christianity was totally alien to this place. As the name (Nuh in Arabic stands for Noah the patriarch of the Semitic tradition) indicates, the majority of the people are traditional followers of one of the Semitic religion, Islam, the other are Hindus and few Sikhs. Some of the Hindus are Government employees coming from different parts of Haryana and U.P. The people of Nuh are mostly agricultures. The land is owned by a few and the others are just labourers.With a literacy rate around

40 % the place was ready to receive the first seeds of Christ’s Love.


Within a month a tailoring class for young girls and adult literacy class for drop outs was started. In 2000 a piece of land was purchased by the fathers and in 2001 Maria Manzil catholic Mission had a residence of its own. With the initiation of the sisters of the SCJM a LKG School was started with 20 children, at present the school has classes up to VI and over 500 children.

The growing difficulties and unfamiliar ambience forced the Trivandram Arch diocese to Hand over this mission to the Arch diocese of Delhi.  This Mission had the services of Fr Gerald, Fr George, Fr Pancreatius and late Fr John all belong to the Trivandram Arch Diocese. All of them were proved missionaries and they laid the path for Fr Deepak Soreng of the Arch diocese of Delhi who till date is serving as the priest in charge of the catholic mission as well as the manager of the diocesan school which is named as the HOUSE of OUR LADY ( Maria Manzil)

The initial periods were very painful and touchy; finding a place in a totally unfriendly atmosphere was nothing in front of the things that followed. When we look back we can’t simply ignore the pains undergone by the pioneers of this mission.

At present the mission has few Catholics ( no local Catholics yet), an SCJM community with five dedicated nuns, A dispensary of the Holy family hospital New Delhi and a branch of the Arch Diocesan social service forum Chetnalaya.